Blackburn is still being hit by higher Petrol & Diesel Prices than nearby towns

Blackburn continues to be one of the most expensive areas to buy petrol and diesel in the region.

Despite previous scrutiny and concerns raised over the pricing of fuel in Blackburn, the town continues to grapple with being one of the most expensive areas to buy petrol and diesel in the region. Supermarkets in Blackburn face renewed criticism for the persistent higher costs compared to nearby towns, prompting local residents to voice their frustrations over what they perceive as unfair pricing practices.

Comparisons with neighboring towns, such as Preston and Bolton, continue to highlight the disparity in fuel prices. Supermarkets in Bolton, for example, offer lower prices, with unleaded petrol selling at up to 5p per litre less and diesel at 3p per litre less. This ongoing price difference has raised accusations that supermarkets are not adequately addressing the issue and may be taking advantage of local conditions.

The fuel price discrepancies have underscored the challenging economic situation in Blackburn and Darwen, previously identified by the government as one of the top ten most deprived areas in the country. It continues to question the alignment of supermarket pricing strategies with their commitments to supporting customers during difficult times.

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