Litter louts caught on camera – It’s time to end this disrespect for our town

After several recent stories on social media about littering in the town and videos of the dumping of take-away rubbish in our streets, surely it’s time to clamp down on this disrespect for our town?

The most recent videos, posted on Twitter, include these posted by Twitter user @HKhan_81

Also sent to Blackburn Life, by an anonymous user, is footage taken on Darwen Street near Radio Lancashire and the Cathedral of a driver dumping rubbish onto the street from his supercar. This was taken sometime during a COVID lockdown and the contributor said:

“It just seems to be getting worse. When I saw this happen I could not believe it, but it just seems it is getting worse and worse and spoiling our town.”

On the Lancashire Police website it says:

It is an offence to drop litter but it must be witnessed by a police officer/community support officer or council warden for formal action to be taken and it is likely that if any course of action is pursued it would be a penalty notice for disorder which means a £50 fine.

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